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Thanksgiving - Part of Christmas

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This year, Thanksgiving Day was a bit earlier – November 22nd.  It was a day that had been set aside in order that all the people of America would have the opportunity to be Thankful for all they have.  And so, most everyone paused and gave thanks for the blessings they have.  It is a shame, though, that Thanksgiving really does not last that long.

Today it is all over.  People have forgotten all about it – in fact with Black Friday beginning already on Thursday, it is long past.  Yes, some of us might still be suffering from too much turkey, but other than that, there is no thought of the thankful feeling that surrounded the day.  Instead, it is only onward and upward.

Right now, what all of us have to look forward to is Christmas – and that is a month from now.  And in order to be totally prepared for Christmas, people have started to go out, spend their money, gather up Christmas gifts, and everything else they need for the season.  Once again there is the hustle and bustle of the season – buying gifts; making meals, cookies and candy; and everything else involved with the season.

Yes, Christmas is upon us (and has been in some stores for months already).  Parents are out buying gifts.  Stores are promoting their products so this Christmas will be another profitable season for them.

See how easily Thanksgiving becomes only a part of the past?  It is only a fleeting moment – the moment that opens the gate to Christmas.

This year, rather than just forgetting about Thanksgiving, may we try and remember it as we make our Christmas preparations.  While we are out buying gifts, may we remember the real reason that we are buying gifts, the real reason we have this season – namely the gift of God’s Son.  When we think about that, it is not as easy to forget about Thanksgiving.  Instead we will take time to pause and give thanks to God for all the blessings that are ours everyday – including the gift of eternal life through that Babe born in Bethlehem.

The entire Christmas season will then take on a new light – one that is filled with the joy and peace of that very first Christmas.  And integral part of this new Christmas Season will then be Thanksgiving – not only because it opens the door for Christmas, but because we can also take time in the Christmas season, pausing and giving thanks that God sent His Son into the world for all men – that those who believe in Him might have eternal life.

In Christ’s service,

Pastor Jabs

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